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STEP Birmingham

STEP (Suzuki Talent Education Program) Birmingham is a music school based on the teaching of Dr. Suzuki.


We offer violin, viola, and cello lessons to students 4 years and older! The Suzuki Method creates a positive, nurturing environment in which teachers, students, and parents all play a vital role in the learning process. We believe all children can develop musical ability in much the same way as learning to speak a native language, through listening, imitation, and repetition.


Our comprehensive program uses private lessons as well as group classes and enrichment classes to educate and motivate students in all aspects of learning music. All of our teachers are trained in the Suzuki methods by some of the most influential teachers in the country today.

The Suzuki Method

& Philosophy

A plant raised in a sunny place grows better than one raised in the shade.
Dr. Suzuki

Founded by Dr. Shinichi Suzuki, the music education movement known as the Suzuki Method uses the concept of "Character first, ability second." The goal is to nurture a love of music and develop a fine character in a child, rather than just to master a musical instrument.

Mother Tongue Method

Realizing that all children are born with the potential to master the intricacies of languages and ultimately do so, with few exceptions, Suzuki developed a method of teaching the violin that closely mirrors language development in very young children - listening, imitation, and repetition.

Talent Education

Dr. Suzuki discovered that all children are capable of musical ability with the right environment, not just those with "talent." The idea that talent is not inborn, but can be taught to all children is the basis for "talent education."

With the right combination of environment and hard work, everyone has the potential to succeed, not only in music but in all aspects of life.

The Suzuki Triangle

The term "Suzuki Triangle" is used to describe the equal role that the student, teacher, and parent all play in a child's learning process. Observing and taking notes in each lesson, the parent becomes the "at home teacher." The parent/teacher relationship is truly a cooperative effort to foster the best support system and learning environment.

STEP Birmingham

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