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• Tuition for each semester includes 15 lessons, 9 group classes, performance classes, group class performances, and solo recitals. Students that begin after the beginning of the school year will have prorated lesson totals.


  • 48 hours notice is necessary to cancel a lesson (7 days a week). Family emergency or illness that causes a student to miss school are acceptable reasons for cancellations. Scheduling errors, not being prepared for lessons or forgetting lesson times are not excuses and the canceled lesson will be counted as a lesson. Lessons that are canceled with 48 hours notice can be made up based on the teacher’s availability. All makeup lessons are at the discretion of the teacher.

  • Lesson times are reserved for the semester. If a student decides to discontinue lessons, they will be billed for the remainder of the semester.

  • No lesson credits roll over from the school year into the following school year.

  • If a student cancels 4 or more times in a semester, the teacher may open the student’s lesson time and/or studio spot to another student and is not obligated to make up the


  • When signing up for a lesson, a time slot is reserved. Lesson times end on time in order

    to not inconvenience other student’s lessons and the teacher’s schedule.

  • Please do not come to a lesson if you are sick.

  • All students in the school need to be up to date with vaccinations


  • Practice at home is essential for learning to play any instrument. A good routine usually works best. Recommended minimum practice is the length of the lesson per day.

  • Every student or parent is required to take notes on the lessons for the week. It is best to have a designated notebook for the lessons.

  • Family members are welcome during lessons as long as they are not a distraction and if they are able to sit quietly. If the teacher believes that the siblings are distracting, they will not be permitted back in the lesson until it is decided that they are no longer a distraction.

  • STEP Birmingham is a full tuition school. All students are enrolled in group classes and lessons as part of their tuition.

  • Remember to listen listen listen to the CD!

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