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SPRING 2019 


  • Practice Challenge begins on January 7 and ends on April 7.

  • Students must practice every day from January 7 through April 7 to win

    the challenge.

  • For each week that the student practices without missing any days, they

    may put a green sticker next to their name on the chart.

  • If any practice day is missed in a given week, they must put a yellow

    sticker next to their name on the chart.

  • If a student misses more practice days after receiving two yellow

    stickers, the student must put a red sticker next their name on the

    practice chart and are eliminated from the challenge.

  • If students are traveling, and cannot take their instrument with them,

    listening to the Suzuki CD can substitute for practice for the travel day.

  • Prizes and awards will be given at the group performance on May 4.

Good Luck!!

STEP Birmingham

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