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STEP Birmingham

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STEP Birmingham

STEP (Suzuki Talent Education Program) Birmingham is a music school based on the teaching of Dr. Shinichi Suzuki.


We offer violin, viola, and cello lessons to students 4 years and older! The Suzuki Method creates a positive, nurturing environment in which teachers, students, and parents all play a vital role in the learning process. We believe all children can develop musical ability in much the same way as learning to speak a native language, through listening, imitation, and repetition.


Our comprehensive program uses private lessons as well as group classes and enrichment classes to educate and motivate students in all aspects of learning music. All of our teachers are trained in the Suzuki Method by some of the most influential teachers in the country today.


Fall 2023 Recital Dates

Sunday, 9/24, 2pm, STEP Group Room

Sunday, 10/29, 2pm, STEP Group Room

Sunday, 11/12, 2pm, STEP Group Room

Sunday, 12/10, 2pm, STEP Group Room

Group Performance Sign-up

Sunday, 11/19, 2pm, Vestavia Hills Lutheran Church

Spring 2024 Recital Dates

Sunday, 1/28, 2pm, STEP Group Room

Saturday, 2/17, 3pm, STEP Group Room

Sunday, 3/24, 2pm, STEP Group Room

Sunday, 5/19, 2pm, STEP Group Room

Book Recital Sign-up

Sunday, 12/10/2023, 1pm, STEP Group Room

Sunday, 5/19/2024, 1pm, STEP Group Room

2024 STEP Chamber Music Workshop

Tentative dates 3/1 - 3/3

Location TBD

Formal Spring Recital

Tentative dates 4/27 & 4/28

Location TBD

STEP Birmingham

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